Sunday, 11 September 2011

Flying Stars Feng Shui Forecast for September

'Verbal Expression' is the Energy Signature of the 7,1 combination which manifests in the Centre this month, and it can also have several other manifestations....
Star 7 associations of Mouth, Teeth, Thorax, Chest, Pleasure, Destruction, Joy, Speech, and Star 1's associations of Ears, Blood, Kidneys, Gonads, Danger, Wisdom, Ideas and Expression, has the potential to lead to some Very Interesting energy combinations!
In the positive state (with high vibrational energy in place and maintained spaces of Love) 7,1 produces an energy that can bring excellent communications, wonderful quotable insights within conversations and 'everyday wisdoms' born of mundane activities. It manifests as a joyfulness in life that feels like a pleasant energy layer descending upon or enveloping all that we do.
In a negative state (unloved places, ugly situations) 7,1 can mean sexual harrasment, perverted thought patterns, biting speech, hurtful communications, health issues with teeth/mouth/gums, tonsilitis, bronchitis, indigestion, etc.

I'd prefer to go for the positive state anytime, so the Centre of my house is getting a really good clean up and tidy out this month! I'm going to love it up with some gorgeous incense and a thorough cleaning :)

Here we go for the sectors 'round-up': (I've also just completed a new 'page' on the blogsite to explain why and how the Forecast is used)

NW: Star 8 is visited by Star 2 which is always a great thing for anything 'property' related. Star 2 is associated with the Earth, hence the property link, and Star 8 is also Earth, but more so Wealth and Happiness. Could mean an acquisition of property or an improvement in your current abode. 'Receptivity' is also a key part of Star 2 which will show its best side in company with Star 8. "I am open and Ready to Receive Beautiful acquisitions" could be the mantra of the month...
Tip: BOOST with beautiful Fire and Earth representations. Gorgeously inspirational posters of beautiful places you enjoy looking at, or a bowl of gemstones on the table to run your finger through...

SW: 4,7 is a potentially 'naughty' combination given the Passion and Pleasure associations ;) In its lowest form it can result in sexual harrassment, but in its best expression it can mean a joyful connection to one's true passions and loves. 
Tip: ENHANCE with Pale Fire representations like a large specimen of Rose Quartz.

West: 9,3 can mean excellent inspiration for the Creation sector. Star 9 is Beauty and Clarity (the Fire Agent) which will be naturally fed this month by the Wood Agent of the 3 Star.
Tip: Meditate here upon any need for creative input into any situation. BOOST with representations of Fire and Wood elements.

East: 5,8 means that the usual 5 Star 'dramas' should abate. Health and Family situations have the ability to resolve and repair this month if they have been an issue throughout the year so far.
Tip: Please keep in place, or put in place, The Sound of Metal which is the most potent distracting method for Star 5.

NE: 1,4 in the Contemplation sector can lead to really excellent meditations! 1 is Wisdom and 4 is Passions...yeah :), it can get very insightful!
Tip: BOOST with Metal and Water representations. Metallic blue wavy objects, or make your own artwork for the month to hang on the wall.

SE: The Growth and Wealth sector is visited by the Vivacious Star 9, however its not always welcomed by the Authority Star 6. This combination can lead to excessive or flippant spending of Time and Money. Be alert to this and put the credit card away.
Tip: BALANCE with a combination of Earth, Water and Wood representations. See the helpful diagram on the 'How to use the Forecast' page for ideas about Shapes and Colours.

South: Uggh! the Perception sector has that uck combination of 5,2. Don't muck about. Keep it quiet, and clean and tidy etc... This has the potential to make you have the syndrome 'making mountains out of molehills'. If it all seems like its falling down around you take some time away from your home and see if they change in space can help you change the perceptions that have formed.
Tip: The Sound of Metal in double or triple dosages! A wind chime, play the piano music inside the house regularly, and also put som bells on the doorknobs. Remove anything that could be a Fire representation if you can, if not, SUBDUE heavily with physical Metal representations.

North: The Vocation sector is influenced by another contentious potential...the 6,3 combo. Its Authority and Ambition which only works well if they can form a harmonious union. Flashpoints occur with the Authority energy attacking the Ambitious urges. Subordinates will feel oppressed while Superiors may fall into 'power trip' mentality. Be alert to these low level manifestations and change tack if possible before anyone gets injured...
Tip: SUDUE the whole combination by placing Pale Fire and Water representations. Also utilise high vibrational energy affirmations and printed quotes that encourage Harmony, Unity, Integrity and Beautiful Peace.

Apologies for this forecast being a little late. The Feng Shui month began on the 8th of September, so we are only a few days shy of it all :)

Wishing you all a beautiful, peaceful and healthy September.