Monday, 3 March 2014

March Forecast - Flying Stars Feng Shui

This month's Influences take charge around the 5th to the up to know what's coming your way as April is going to be lit up for all kinds of reasons. I want you to be prepared THIS month to take charge of your spaces,...hence the return of the Monthly Forecast blogpost...I know...been a while.  That's what little boobie monsters do to Mumma's with ambitions of being prepared by doesn't happen, the sleep that is, and then of course the ambitious work plans as well ;) 

For more tips and suggestions for clearing, cleansing, de-cluttering and organising, take a look at the free downloadable pdf of 'Key Qi Leaks and How To Fix Them' plus 'Preparation Inspiration' on the website at this link here.

March 20th to 22nd is the time of Equinox, which is when Earth is halfway on its orbit between Solstices, a turning point of seasons for all.  In the Northern Hemisphere it Spring Equinox, the time of Easter /  Ostara celebrations, and in the Southern Hemisphere it's Autumnal bliss...a cooling down, and Harvest celebrations. For me in the Tropics it is a time of extreme variations. I find the crunchy lawn fed by indescriminate downpours, and the gorgeously warm evenings correspond with increasingly chilly early mornings.

From the Annual Influences Guide 2014:
"Equinox is an opportunity to see how our plans are manifesting, and how much attention we are placing on the most important goals we set ourselves at the beginning of the year. What needs more energy from us? What have we lost track of? Get your path sorted... "


East: Input heavy doses of Metal representation of Shape, Colour and Sound into this area. If it is a bedroom, input the Salt Water Cure and Golden Gourd/Calabash. Take notice of stomach upsets and eat pure!

NE: Beware the possibility of being hurt by speech, or hurting others by what you say. This combination is also associated with being bitten by animals, and oddly enough I’ve had it occur over and over again where I get stung by wasps in this sector during the Monthly combination of 7,1 or 1,7. Egadz! Input Water element representations in Shape and Colour to balance out any potential misfortune.

SE: Be doubly efficient with paperwork needed by any Authority figures this month. Add Water to the SE in Shape and Colour to balance the energy of the Star 6.

This energy layer in the Centre is typically known to induce some high level partying...we have ‘The Clever and Indecent Imp’ Annual Star 4 meeting up with the chatty and social ‘Pleasure & Destruction’ Star 7...a recipe for going over the edge in some way. To ensure they play nicey-nicey add some Water and Fire element in equal parts, and be aware that partying / spending / indulging will have the potential to go overboard if left unchecked.

The Monthly Wealth Star is in the NW of Progression and will ease up on the Annual Star 5’s changeable and often challenging influence. A month to take time to ask for assistance on your Journey with a capital J… Be on the lookout for invaluable information coming your way or a source of mentorship that floats in all transient and hippie-like. Take advantage of the wisdoms as they come in clearly and serenely this month because we won’t feel this at peace with our ‘way’ again until December. 
Vocation sector North is being fuelled again … Wood Star 3 is now boosting the Fire Star 9...still ‘on show’ and this time your competitive edge may just get a little out of control. Think ‘bushfire’ but in a contained space. It’s never going to work out well unless you can control it. Add in lots of quiet time, but also bring in representations of Compassion and Patience, even if that means a desk mounted and framed quote, or a big statement wall-hanging. Fire coloured hues will work very very very well...

Copies of the Annual Influences Guide 2014 for all Flying Stars Feng Shui with a month by month calendar are available to order direct from the website. PDF downloads or hardcopy. Get yours now!
Blessings for a super month everyone!

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