Friday, 10 May 2013

May 2013 Flying Stars Forecast

May 2013 Annual and Monthly Influences with Bagua sectors :)
Everyone take a big deep breath...and now let it out slowly...'ahhhhh'. Ah doesn't Star 8 in the Centre Palace feel good ;). If you've a home with an open plan layout, this month will feel a whole lot calmer, and hopefully a whole lot 'quieter' in terms of change or discomfort. Star 8 is the energy of 'stopping and resting', an Earth energy that is The Mountain. So sit a while...soak up some stability of good earthy vibes and appreciate the solidity that comes from quiet contemplation.

From the AIG 2013 -
Summary: The Wealth Star moves into the Centre bringing with it the Opportunity for wealth gains of all kinds. You'll find benefits from Contemplation about any of these opportunities and Speech will be needed to actually get things to fruition. Clarity arrives regarding Help you may have been requesting, and how to approach how you'll present yourself. Creative Expression is easy this month as the chatty Annual Star 7 is moved to support and nourish Expression and Ideas in the Creative sector. This can be so beautifully combined with your Career or Life Purpose as the Passion Star 4 is being nourished by Wisdom. There may be tension with the Family structure with control being exerted upon a 'new way of doing things'. Be prepared for compromise regarding Relationships as Communication will be dreadfully strained due to the 5,2 combo which makes for 'difficult receiving'.
 Alerts -
SW: Input Metal element of all kinds (or boost what you have in place for the Annual Star 2) Keep it quiet, tidy up, repair, maintain with High Qlality Qi Flow helpers eg: Incense, Atmospheric sprays etc.
East: Potential injuries to feet, or, sore throats, chest infections illnesses of the respiratory tract. Practical steps using 'heating' foods like garlic, chiilli, onioin, help simulate the immune system. Implement Fire element.
SE: Potential for despondency relating to Abundance issues. Use Water element to subdue the Star 7 this month and boost your Star 4 Passions.
Our Winter weather is coming on now with cool cool nights and fairy chilly mornings. Slippers are a must for tiled floors and we're all enjoying that warm drink in the morning, a lot. This is also a time to integrate more warming foods into your diet each week. Ginger, Chilli, Garlic, Turmeric...oh it can only mean one thing for me...a 'one-pot' Indian curry of some description slow cooking for an afternoon. I cook a curry most weeks from scratch, enjoying the meditation of preparation, the combining of these marvelous herbs and roots, powders and oils, that end up in the most deliciously mouth-watering creation with only an hour under the lid, on the very gentlest of heat. My fave? Coconut milk curry with Turmeric and Vegetables. I usually use potato, onion, a selection of any veg I have in the crisper, plus a heap of chick peas and lentils thrown in too. Adding the rice in before the coconut milk and coating it with the oily herbs and spices makes for a great 'briani' style meal. Anyway...that's another post in the 'Recipes' label ;) This sort of food is satisfying, gently cooked in its own juices to avoid losing any nutritional value, and packed full of Ayurvedic helpers! Just what we need for Winter food here in SE Qld.

With Star 2 in the SW visited by the Monthly Star 5 we may see some digestive system problems arise. Fortifying with wholesome foods that help the digestive system cleanse and regulate will be advised. Garlic and Onion are excellent 'prebiotics' helping the absorption of food in the intestinal tract and, with the benefit of being powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents. Still, Salt Water Cure into bedrooms and workspaces, as too with the Wealth Bringer Bowl outside in the SW for the Star 5.

Connections in Relationships can be strained this month with the manifestation that someone you are close to is 'just making you sick' or you may hear it said 'I can't stand to be around [insert name here], they make me sick'.THIS is a massive 'tell' that you are being negatively affected by Star 2 in the SW. Clear up, clean up, love up and see the change occur for the better.

Blessings for a super start to Winter and a Beautiful May wherever you are ;)